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List Of Lotteries With The Biggest Jackpots

Lotteries today have become bigger than most people would have expected years ago. Ticket can be bought online as well as in shops, post offices and markets. Some lotto’s even allow international citizens to take part in the draw. Then are many lotteries across the world. The US lotteries are by far the biggest rewarding lotteries due to their bigger population, but since the formation of the Euro zone, the foundation for a potentially huge European lottery has been formed. Below is a list of the lotteries with the biggest prizes.

The Italian Super Enalotto

Starting off is the Italian national lottery titled Super Enalotto. The biggest jackpot to date has been $248 million. The Super Enalotto distributed about 35% of the ticket sales to players as winnings with about 55% of the total sales goes to funding state enterprises.

The Spanish Lottery Raffles

In Spain the lottery tradition has become so entrenched that buying someone a lottery ticket for a Christmas gift is nothing strange, specifically the Loteria de Navidad. This raffle style lottery can be worth a ridiculous €2 billion. The Loteria de Navidad is also unique in that it only gets drawn once a year. The monthly draw is titled the Loteria National. It is well known for its contributions to state and welfare institutions. The weekly lottery is called the La Primitiva and features weekly draws that value between €25 million and€ 70 million

The Euro Jackpots

The Euro Jackpots include some of the biggest payouts in the world. First is the newest lottery in Europe, the Euro jackpot. 14 countries take part in this lottery, Lithuania, The Netherlands Croatia, Denmark, Germany, Slovenia, Spain Iceland, Estonia, Finland Italy, Latvia, Norway, and Sweden. The biggest European lottery however is EuroMillions. The biggest payout so far has been €190 Million. The main reason for the big payout is the fact that EuroMillions is comprised of a group of unified lotto organizations from Austria, Belgium, France, Ireland, Luxembourg, Portugal, Spain, Switzerland, and the U.K

Australia and the United Kingdom

The Euromillions UK lottery is a popular British lottery that also includes a special code feature where tickets get raffled and you can possibly walk away with a million pounds even with no winning number combination. Powerball Australia is the biggest lottery in Australia and it follows the rules of the US Powerball lottery. Even though the jackpot is usually a lot lower than the American version, the highest sofar being a payout of AU$80 million, since the population is lower, your odds of winning are much better than the almost 200 000 :1 odds of the US lotteries.

The American Big Boys

The two biggest lotteries are played in America, The Mega Millions Lottery and the Powerball lottery. The Mega Millions lottery has set the world record for a lottery jackpot at $656 million split among three people in 2012. The Powerball lottery has in recent years had some rule changes so that it pays out more often to more people. Its biggest single pay out was in May 2014 when a jackpot of $590 million was paid out.

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